Many shoppers put off by in-store technology

In-store technologies can either win over or lose retail customers. Despite the hype over facial recognition technology, more than 75 percent of consumers said they would not shop a store that uses this type of technology for marketing purpose.

However, given an added discount, 55 percent of these consumers might change their minds, according to a recent consumer survey by First Insight.

Although many retailers are talking about beacons, the survey showed that 70 percent of respondents do not know the definition of an in-store beacon. The same group identified price barcode scanners as the most helpful in-store technology, reinforcing how important price is for shoppers. For millennials, price is the leading factor when determining a purchase for 40 percent of this group.

While social media is important for research and customer touch points outside the store, more than 60 percent of respondents said they never interact with a retailer's social media platforms while shopping in-store.

Smartphones obviously play an important role in retail; however, 98 percent of millennials said they don't want to be texted by retailers about promotions. Respondents between the ages of 18 and 50 agreed they prefer to receive promotions through email.

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