Macy's to focus on mobile

Macy's (NYSE:M) made waves when it announced plans to close 14 stores and cut jobs in early spring of this year in order to focus more on digital platforms and its omnichannel strategy. Both mobile Web and mobile apps will be a priority going forward, according to R.B. Harrison, Macy's chief omnichannel officer.

"We believe very strongly in both. They're serving different customers," Harrison told the Washington Post. "The app is often a very loyal customer because they took the time to download. They were willing to give something of themselves to us. So there's a lot of [people using the] 'Pay my bill' [function] in there. Mobile Web is often a customer who is not as loyal. We dramatically increased the speed of our [mobile site] because speed is of the essence. Often, that's information-seeking, more so than someone who's more loyal." Story