Macy's Mobile Holiday Campaigns Go Into Overdrive

Macy's (NYSE: M) has become one of the most aggressive players in the mobile marketing space for the 2013 holiday season. Already, it is utilizing its mobile app to push Black Friday sales. Now, the iconic department store chain unveiled two new mobile marketing campaigns to boost holiday sales.

In one campaign, shoppers who post a photo or video of themselves mailing a letter to Santa from inside a Macy's store using the hashtag, #MacysBelieve, have a chance to be included in a Macy's television commercial.

"By encouraging social sharing of these special moments, Macy's is taking a step in bridging the gap between amazing brick and mortar customer experiences and our online worlds," Leslie Poston, senior social media strategist at Flightpath, told Mobile Commerce Daily.

In another unique program, Macy's shoppers can scan an item they see advertised in Macy's upcoming gift catalog as well as in its print advertising and out-of-home placements. The retailer is embedding image recognition in its Macy's Star Gifts app so that, instead of scanning a QR code, the technology recognizes the item itself and delivers product information and gift-giving advice to shoppers

Importantly, users of the Star Gifts app can also purchase the scanned product. To encourage shoppers to use its app's image recognition feature, Macy's is offering a $10 gift code to those who scan the first page of the Star Gift print catalog, which arrived in early November.

The Star Gift App also features gift ideas and gift lists, product videos, and advice from style expert Clinton Kelly.

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