Macy's And Aeropostale Can Pack A Box. Why Can't Beauty Retailers?

Shoppers clearly love the convenience online retailers provide. What they might not always like so much is the packaging their items come in. According to a StellaService study, it seems that most mass merchants have gotten pretty good at finding that perfect fit, whereas health and beauty retailers still have some room to make up.

The analysis takes into account packages received by StellaService analysts from e-commerce sites across 11 retail categories, which are judged on a three point scale for how efficiently they use package space.

Mass merchants came out on top, with,, and all taking best-in-class honors for the first half of 2013.

Categories that didn't fare so well were beauty and vitamin retailers, who had a bad habit of shipping small products in oversized boxes. In fact, beauty retailers made up three of the five worst offenders when it came to excess packaging. (StellaService didn't identify them.)

It's not just the frustration of these companies' customers that's at stake, either. Retailers, both online and those shipping from stores, can trim costs by using packaging more efficiently, especially if they're shipping packages in the hundreds of thousands or millions over the course of a year. Even the tiniest savings on each package can add up.

Chris Vodola, Client Development Manager at StellaService offered a few tips for retailers looking to improve their packaging, including staying aware of the minimum package size accepted by your conveyors and scanners and doing regular spot checks to ensure that your packaging line is using the right carton for each item.

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