Lowe's E-Commerce sales soared more than 50% last year

With almost $758 million in online sales--according to estimates from Internet Retailer--Lowe's is strutting its virtual stuff. CEO Robert Niblock is attributing the growth to an increased availability of products online as well as an increase in conversion, the publication reported.

In a speech, Niblock said the chain is preparing for site search improvements and general E-Commerce upgrades but was vague about whether that meant it was ditching the IBM Websphere platform it's currently using.

Lowe's plans to make general upgrades are not that interesting--which major chains today are not preparing for such enhancements?--but a better than 50 percent boost for a site as well trafficked as Lowe's is worthy of note.

Niblock also said he was pleased with MyLowe's, a loyalty program the company launched in mid-2011, Internet Retailer said. "We're seeing great receptivity from the consumer," Niblock told analysts. "Right now, we're willing to continue to grow awareness and bring more unique customers in to get registered so they fully understand the benefits associated with it. And then down the road, we've got additional features that we want to add."

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