LivingSocial sees 200% conversion lift in targeted mobile offers

LivingSocial is enjoying a 200 percent incremental lift in the conversion rate of users who click on targeted offers. It's the result of the daily deal site's successful effort to increase customer installations of LivingSocial mobile apps with more personalized offers.

The company is hoping to generate more consumer interest in its mobile platforms by delivering customized mobile offers based on data collected from previous successful offers, reported Mobile Commerce Daily. Online social marketplaces such as LivingSocial and Groupon have been aiming to take advantage of the rapid growth of mobile platforms as they expand beyond their early email-based services.

LivingSocial now receives 55 percent of its traffic from mobile platforms.

LivingSocial was one of the first companies to take advantage of AppLovin, a mobile marketing company that uses predictive models to deliver targeted mobile ads to 1 billion users reached 200 times per month. With LivingSocial's 200 percent incremental lift in conversion rates, it sounds like the platform is a success.

"Every single customer sees a set of recommendations that are highly relevant to that customer," AppLovin CEO Adam Foroughi told Mobile Commerce Daily.

Location is part of the platform's targeting mechanism, which uses search behavior coupled with geographic location and the preferences of others in the area to pinpoint effective deals, said Foroughi. Conversion rates more than double among users who see ads but don't click and later sign up for LivingSocial on another device.

But could LivingSocial have accomplished the lift in conversion rates on its own? Foroughi doesn't seem to think so.

"One of the hardest things to do is personalize who gets what kind of message, and in what context," Foroughi said. "With an inventory of 15,000 deals, how can you do this across all channels?"

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