The Latest, And Biggest And Most Pointless, QR Code Ever. And It's Carved Into A Cornfield

So you think your team has difficulty making your QR codes work? Try making a QR code out of corn stalks. In one of the more bizarre—and pointless, which is what makes it fun—QR codes we've run into, an Alberta, Canada, farmer has created what the Guinness Book of World Records has concluded is the world's largest QR code. It's cut into a cornfield and only visible by a mobile-phone-carrying helicopter pilot. The QR code was verified at 28,760 meters, according to Guinness spokesperson Sara Wilcox.

One of the farmers, Rachel Kraay, said they had some IT lawnmower work to do when the code initially didn't work: "Did some figuring and figured out that the contrast wasn't quite good enough. So then we got in there with the Rototiller and dug up the paths real nice and dark and the second time we went up, it scanned right away." The next time your CFO gives you a hard time in establishing an ROI for a QR code campaign, it's comforting to realize that it could be a lot worse.