Lands' End focuses on B2B e-commerce

Lands' End executives are banking on the retailer's B2B website to shore up overall e-commerce sales, following the company's split from Sears Holdings (NASDAQ:SHLD). While Lands' End separated from Sears in April, some of its merchandise is still sold in Sears stores.

The retailer's B2B unit, Lands' End Business Outfitters, recently launched a redesigned, where businesses can more easily customize apparel and other merchandise with their logos and search for products. The new site has improved online product selection and more options for customizing and previewing online shirts, jackets and other Lands' End merchandise imprinted with businesses' corporate logos.

"This investment in the business-to-business Web platform is an important component of our long-term plan to add value to our existing and new client relationships," said Joe Ferreri, senior VP of Lands' End Outfitters. "The improvements we have made to the site are significant and we are very pleased with the enhanced functionality and customer service we're able to provide through the new shopping experience." also features an improved site search and navigation system, and a one-page checkout for faster purchasing–a boon for hectic business shoppers. In addition, the upgraded site lets customers upload images of their logos and test how they will appear on selected fabrics.

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