Kroger Starts To Kill Coupons, But Does It The Right Way

As part of a new lower-price initiative in its Mid-Atlantic region, Cincinnati-based Kroger has said it will stop accepting doubling coupons in the region, effective May 12. But unlike JCPenney's disaster when it changed its coupon strategy, Kroger has been doing it the right way, testing it locally and slowly growing it out. The move follows the retailer's decision earlier this year to stop accepting double coupons in greater Cincinnati and Dayton, as it rolled out a similar lower-price program. At that time, Scot Hendricks, VP of merchandising for the Cincinnati/Dayton division at Kroger, said the company would more than triple the spending used on doubling coupons. He also said that while the change was initially only taking place in the Cincinnati/Dayton division, the company would monitor the change to see if it could be used in other Kroger divisions. Story