In Korea, Samsung Tesco Toys With RFID In Carts

Korea's second-largest supermarket chain is experimenting with RFID tags on shopping carts and baskets, subsidized with $300,000 from the South Korean government, according to a story in Samsung Tesco last year equipped its shopping trolleys and baskets with RFID chips to track customer movements at each of its 69 stores, the story reported. The supermarket chain is a joint venture established in 1999 between consumer electronics giant Samsung and UK supermarket operator Tesco.

The story quoted Samsung Tesco CIO Lee Kang-Tee as saying the company has had to deal with a few small technical problems. For instance, off-the-shelf RFID readers that were used to pick up radio signals from the roaming trolleys could not fit into the store shelves. As a result, company engineers had to custom-make readers into a smaller size. To read the full story, please click here.