Kmart's Holiday Commercial for Underwear Sparks Outrage

Not everyone is in the holiday spirit after watching Kmart's latest ad with underwear company Joe Boxer. The 60-second clip called "Show Your Joe" features six half-dressed men dancing in their holiday-themed underpants to the tune of "Jingle Bells." After the ad was posted to Kmart's YouTube page, angry viewers took to Kmart's Facebook page to express their disapproval.

"The Joe Boxer ad is disgusting and not fit for family consumption. K-Mart is off my list," wrote Kate McGinnis Frasier. "The Joe Boxer ad is terrible! I am fine with racy television being on at appropriate hours of the night. But commercials like this seriously? Someone needs to draw the line," said Meg Shumaker. 

While some shoppers found the ad offensive, others thought it was in good, clean fun.

"I Love Love Love the Joe Boxer commercial! Nothing trashy or racy about it," wrote Linda Mathias, while other customers said they not only love the ad, but plan to get the boxers, too. "I LOVE the new commercial, it makes you smile and my husband is absolutely getting Joe Boxers in support of it," said Debbie Taylor Stephens.

The company responded to the criticism late Monday, but did not remove the ad from its YouTube page where it has received nearly 320,000 views.

"The Kmart 'Show Your Joe' commercial playfully showcases Joe Boxer's men's clothing available at Kmart. We regret if some people found the commercial offensive, as that was not our intent," a company representative told The Huffington Post.

This is the second time in the past week that Kmart has come under fire. Many people were not pleased when the company recently unveiled its rent-to-own program, that would turn a $300 TV into a $415 purchase. Consumers feel the program hurts low-income customers who already are not eligible for credit cards.


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