Kiosks Don't Stick Around Very Long

A new study of retail kiosks found a very short lifespan, but it's mostly due to new technology and a retailer's desire to upgrade. But since that is a trend unlikely to change in the next few years, it's something for a kiosk-purchasing retailer to remember when negotiating price and calculating both a Return On Investment and Total Cost of Ownership.

The average kiosk replacement time was 2.3 years, the lowest of the retail packages examined. including loss prevention equipment (3 years), CRM/Loyalty (2.7 years), Labor Scheduling (2.6 years), Inventory (3 years) and POS Backoffice (2.4 years), according to the IHL Consulting Group report. By an even greater margin, the kiosks examined were much younger, typically 1.8 years old compared with the other products, which ranged from POS at 5.5 years old to Loss Prevention, at 3.6 years old.