Kentucky Cyberthief Uses Cloned Credit Card To Buy Pizza, Has 50 More On Her When Police Make The Delivery

Lesson #1 for all cyberthieves: If you're going to use a stolen or fake credit card to get a pizza, do not have it delivered. As one Kentucky woman discovered, the police might make the delivery. But this gets better.

As police approached the 23-year-old who had phoned the order into Papa John's, they asked to search her purse. She complied, and inside police discovered more than 50 credit-card numbers, some including names, addresses and telephone numbers. Lesson #2: Use one fake payment mechanism at a time. Going to get the pizza purchased with one bogus payment device while carrying the information to create more than four dozen more? That's like ordering the Papa John's everything pizza, and then eating it right before bed. It's a move you'll very likely regret. The new tagline for Papa John's: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Better LP.