Just 1% of shoppers buy groceries online

As more retail business and industry attention turns to online shopping, at least one channel is relatively immune to this shift in consumer behavior: supermarkets.

Only 1 percent of shoppers consider online shopping as their primary method of buying groceries, according to a new report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. And while shoppers seem to appreciate having the option to shop online, few are doing it.

"While online channels may not become a common way to buy groceries in the near future, technology will still play a major role in the evolving grocery experience," said Sabina Saksena, managing director in PwC's U.S. retail and consumer practice. "Shoppers expect information at their fingertips and, according to our survey, more than half of respondents want to integrate their mobile devices into their future grocery experience. Grocers that innovate and build on their digital channels to meet this demand will be most successful."

Eighty-three percent of survey respondents prefer to shop at traditional grocery stores and this is unlikely to change anytime soon, according to the report. Shoppers are, however, looking for more personal connections with their grocer in the form of targeted coupons and deals, robust reward programs and convenient, efficient in-store shopping experiences.

More than half said they want to integrate their mobile devices into their future grocery experience, something that goes hand in hand with a more personalized experience.

"Grocers can no longer rely on providing a one-size-fits-all customer experience. The next wave of millennial consumers is likely to demand individualized attention and a shopping experience that meets their specific wants and needs," said Steven Barr, PwC's U.S. retail and consumer practice leader. "Grocers that truly get to know their customers on a store-by-store basis can find success in the future."

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