JCPenney, Lord & Taylor and Abercrombie LP Work Together To Catch Thief

With all of the bitter retail rivalries and customer-stealing efforts, I found this story out of Syracuse, NY, refreshing. Seems that an LP officer working for Abercrombie & Fitch (NYSE:ANF) noticed a shopper shoving jeans in a white bag. Fearing the worst, he reached out to his counterparts at neighbors JCPenney (NYSE:JCP) and Lord & Taylor and they then jointly subdued the thief.

Can you imagine IT workers at Walmart asking counterparts at Target for help with a programming challenge or Treasury people cooperating on a payroll snafu? Loss Prevention often gets the most dangerous duties and they always wonder if corporate will have their back in case things turn ugly. (You need not worry. The answer is almost certainly "nope, not for a second.")And with all of this, they have enough focus on just getting the job done that petty corporate rivalries are irrelevant. I know it’s naïve and impractical, but it's probably not time poorly spent to look at what these dedicated souls for JCPenney, Lord & Taylor and Abercrombie were able to accomplish one day in Syracuse and to think about it.