Jack In The Box Kiosks Offer Free Food

When running a trial for a new technology and trying to get consumers to participate, the last weapon in a retailer's arsenal to be used will always be price discounts. The hesitation is logical for any company with such razor-thin margins and falling revenue, but it's also radically illogical given that price discounts are overwhelmingly the best way to change consumer behavior. If a merchant is asking customers to step out of their comfort zones, something of concrete value has to be offered.

After years of resistance, we're now seeing a handful of retailers trying discounts. The Dairy Queen RFID mobile coupon trial is offering discounts only for those customers willing to try the chain's new RFID tags. This week comes word of a kiosk ordering trial at the Jack In The Box restaurant chain where consumers are given "a free item or free upgrade with each kiosk order during the program's introduction," according to this QSR Magazine story.