J. Crew And Kwiat Get Their Sites Embedded In Wedding Vendor Loverly's App

Retailer J. Crew and jeweler Kwiat are among the brands that can now be shopped directly through the Loverly wedding and search engine, according to Mobile Commerce Daily.

Thanks to an iPhone app update, brands can now present their own mobile websites within the Loverly app. That makes the retailers happier—there's nothing quite as annoying in retail as knowing a customer can search for something from one store and be led to a competitor's merchandise—but it also gives customers a more logical way to set the style for a wedding.

Shoppers using the app will initially search for products grouped into dresses, shoes, jewelry, flowers, food and drink and accessories, or they can search by color. Once the shopper finds a key product she wants to buy, she can click through to the brand's site to do shopping that completes the look. In addition, brides-to-be can view the tags in photos to identify the retailer or designer associated with an item. Users can then go directly from the image to the appropriate website from within the app to shop for the products.

The ability to focus in by brand makes more sense for wedding-related retail than for most apparel. While mix-and-match is usually a viable fashion approach, it tends to be catastrophic when wedding planners are trying to get a dozen or more members of a wedding party looking like they belong in the same picture. That means for the retailer who gets the nod, pretty much all its competitors are likely to be shut out. As a result, the ability for customers to see the retailer's own presentation—and not a reshuffled version from a search engine—is very appealing.

Loverly says 30 percent of its e-commerce traffic comes from mobile, and mobile users "love" and save product images 250 percent more on their phones than on the desktop-oriented website.

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