Insufficient product info leads 75% of shoppers to buy online

In the United States, 85 percent of shoppers say they read a product package to help them make decisions about in-store purchases. According to a Harris Poll commissioned by Digimarc, 78 percent of these shoppers have also wanted additional information after reading packaging.

As a result, 75 percent of U.S. adult shoppers give up buying in-store and go to research and buy a product online when they cannot find the product details they want. Among millennials, the numbers were even higher as 87 percent were driven online by the desire for more product information.

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When in a retail store, 65 percent of smartphone owners are willing to spend less than a minute researching a product. The most common information shoppers seek include price, 45 percent; reviews or ratings, 43 percent; special offers or coupons, 40 percent; and ingredients or nutritional information, 34 percent.

What if consumers can't find what they want on their phone while in the store aisles? As many as 60 percent say live help can be difficult to find in-store, which drives them to the do-it-yourself approach of mobile research.

Keeping with the consumer trend, this recent back-to-school season showed a wide use of tablet and mobile phone searches for products and product information. According to a Deloitte survey, 42 percent of respondents used a mobile device to look up product information before making a final purchase.

"Smartphones are ubiquitous among consumers because they've become an indispensable tool for everyday tasks, including shopping," said Larry Logan, chief marketing officer at Digimarc. "The latest generation of shoppers, having grown up in a mobile world, expect more information and want it to be at their fingertips at all times."

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