IBM And Placed Surveys Agree To Disagree on Back-To-School Mobile Results

Two mobile-commerce studies focused on July and August have produced positive signs for mobile and back-to-school shopping—they're just positive in what seem to be contradictory ways. An IBM study found that mobile-commerce sales were up 38 percent in July from the previous year, a bigger jump than either brick-and-mortar or conventional e-commerce sales. But a study by Placed, which surveys smartphone owners, found 58 percent of consumers waiting to start back-to-school shopping until a month or less before the start of school, which would seem to rule out most of July (but once they started, they used mobile a lot for bargain hunting). That seems to match up better with the unimpressive July results for the biggest brick-and-mortar retailers. At least both surveys agree it was a big season for mobile. Story

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