IAITAM and EY team up for new vendor neutral assessment tool

The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) has teamed up with Ernst & Young to create the IT Asset Management Organizational Certification.

The vendor neutral program is intended to assist enterprises in assessing software and hardware products, and to ensure compliance.  

IAITAM views this as an opportunity to offer "real-world solutions to IT Asset Management (ITAM) issues," and has commissioned Ernst & Young to deliver the assessment.

The organizational certification signals that the holder possesses and maintains an ITAM program. In addition, as a part of the service, IAITAM and EY will provide an in-depth roadmap that an organization can follow to improve upon processes and controls in its ITAM programs.

EY will assess and look at the entire process from software to hardware, in what should help enterprises in the growing fight against data breaches. It's the first step that companies can take to insulate themselves against audits, issues and fines.

The program could be the first of many new assessment tools as organizations deliver new products, tools and services to help retailers better arm themselves against the ongoing onslaught of hackers.

"The EY/IAITAM program will deliver an organizational certification, ITAM program analysis against benchmarks indicative of ITAM maturity, and a pathway for organizational improvement in ITAM processes," said IAITAM President Dr. Barbara Rembiesa. "These three IAITAM education options, leading to master's degrees, individual certifications and organizational certifications, will serve as a complete package to equip the individual and the organization with the essential knowledge to meet expanding ITAM needs."

According to Rembiesa, 2014 and beyond will bring significant challenges throughout the lifecycle of IT assets and IAITAM will continue its mission to bring ITAM to industry and governmental organizations alike as a core business practice, as well as to elevate ITAM to an executive-level function reporting directly to the CEO.

"Such an executive-level presence for ITAM will ensure that ITAM occupies an appropriate and integral part of a business decision-making process while adding significant value to the bottom line of the organization," she said. "Can you run your business without IT? If you are not managing your IT, you are not managing your business."

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