HTC execs step down

Two executives have left HTC Corp., the Taiwanese manufacturer of smart phones and tablets, according to Bloomberg.

CMO Ben Ho and President of Engineering and Operations Fred Liu will be leaving the company. Ho is tendering his resignation to Chairwoman Cher Wang but will remain with the company pending his departure by the end of the year, and Liu, the driving force behind HTC One hardware, is retiring after 16 years with the company. The information was intended to remain private, but was reported by Bloomberg and sources asked not to be identified.

The announcement comes at a time when tentative profits are still fragile and company management has undergone a string of changes. HTC's financial chief was replaced in 2012, and Wang returned to the company in 2013 to take a more active role.

Wang will reportedly take over as chief marketing officer in efforts to curtail the potential for a greater fall in revenue: HTC financial postings show 11 consecutive quarters of falling revenue as competition increases and the company's marketing division begins to see spending cuts.

The company started in 1997 and recently produced financial reports showing their very first profits this year after the release of the HTC One M8, a sleek smartphone designed to contend with competitors like Android. Ho's sudden departure does not seem to be a vote of confidence for the continuing success of HTC's newest smartphone. Story