How A Dunkin' Employee Swindled More Than $400K From The Chain

Thanks to records that have just been unsealed, details are coming out about Dunkin' Donuts (NASDAQ:DNKN) and how a corporate communications director apparently stole more than $400,000 through unauthorized vendor transactions (half of which were reportedly kicked back to the director herself).

In a detailed package by Business Insider, it appears that Dunkin' officials were oblivious to the thefts until the communications director left the chain. "Her scheme only came to an end when she was let go for an unrelated reason. Prosecutors later said that she approved one final false payment to her co-conspirator for $133,175, 'right as she was going out the door.''"

When Dunkin' hired Carolyn Kravetz, they apparently didn't know that she had been arrested for stealing credit cards a few months earlier. But the accusations in the federal court records quickly got personal: "Stolen goods had been found inside her apartment. Her neighbors lived in fear of her, and regarded her as 'psychotic,' according to papers filed in federal court. A lawyer, quoting letters from her victims, would later tell a federal court: Acquaintances describe Kravetz as 'wicked,' treacherous and 'sociopathic' — 'cunning, devious' and 'controlling,' prone to emotional 'blackmail' and able to 'deceive' those around her for 'long' periods of 'time.' Highly aggressive and 'extremely manipulative,' bullying, violent, 'self-centered and conniving.'"

More interesting, though, are the specifics of how she defrauded Dunkin'. "She commissioned seven vague projects, ranging from 'rebranding' to posters and envelopes for 'crisis management.' Prosecutors say none of those projects were real."

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