Hot New CES Technologies That Will Impact Retail

Every January, I – like other technology geeks – can't wait to see the latest technologies and electronic gadgets launched at the International CES in Las Vegas. While many of the nouveau creations presented at the world's largest consumer electronics show seem unrealistic, some of them help shape how consumers use technology for years to come. In fact, some of this year's introductions will help facilitate m-commerce and e-commerce sales in the near future. For example, Samsung, which made news at CES, thanks to its new bendable TV screen, also quietly launched a technology that essentially allows consumers to start their purchasing process on TVs, and complete them via mobile devices. During this year's Super Bowl broadcast, H&M will be running a commercial with an automated purchase option embedded in the 30-second spot, MediaPost reported. Chuck Martin with MediaPost tried out a shopping app on the Samsung TV and could quickly see how this type of technology could grow retail sales. "A click on the spot triggered a purchase option and, when my mobile phone number was entered on the TV screen, I received an instant SMS message with a link to complete the purchase. What strikes me here is that the triggering of a purchase is starting to be spread around, whether via TV, or car or traditional means," wrote Chuck Martin with MediaPost. Martin was referring to the new "networked" Chevrolet introduced at CES. Thanks to its partnership with AT&T (NYSE:T), General Motors (NYSE: GM) executives said that all future Chevys would feature network technology. "Conceptually, GM and AT&T see the car as another potential mobile device on the network. For a shared data plan, for example, there could be your smartphone, tablet and your car. App developers already have been customizing apps for Chevrolet," Martin wrote. "The obvious point here is that the networked car is increasingly becoming a potentially huge driver of mobile commerce, literally." Meanwhile, new in the wearables space was a watch from Martian Watches. Linked to its app, the advanced watch shares the notifications users receive on a smartphone to its watch. Through "smart vibrations," the watch notifies the owner about the messages that came to their phones. From our point of view, the watch is yet another vehicle that will grow m-commerce sales exponentially in the future. For more, see: -This MediaPost article -This MediaPost article