Hot-For-RFID Metro Group Exec Cites 54 Percent Tagged Sales Lift

Using RFID to coordinate sales floor promotional displays with ad campaigns has yielded a 54 percent increase in sales at Germany’s $68 billion Metro Group. The sales increase figure was one of several pro-RFID numbers mentioned in an October 27 speech by Metro's IT office chief, Gerd Wolfram, according to RFID Journal.

Wolfram reportedly said Metro, the world's fifth largest retailer, found that using RFID-tagged pallets for inventory tracking brought a "significant reduction of shipping mistakes and resulting compensation claims," in addition to a 15 percent cut in truck unload time and halving the time it takes to verify proper item delivery. Metro, using products from Checkpoint, is about to experiment with using item-level RFID tags as the sole method of theft deterrence in stores.