Hospital Snackroom Unlikely Site For Item-Level RFID, Biometric Trial

A hospital snack room in Michigan is an unlikely place for a fullblown item-level RFID trial coupled with biometrics, but the 24-hour needs of the facility created the need.

In this eye-opening Detroit News story, the Fast Track Convenience room at Garden City Hospital used RFID tags on all products to charge purchases by--among other methods--deducting cash value on employee ID cards. Employees who can't grab their ID cards can instead use a biometric thumb scan. With vendor assistance, the project's initial setup cost the hospital $25K. A story worth reading and thinking about. (Note: Look closely at the photo the paper shot on-site. Love the product-level warning label placed directly on the tag: "Remove Before Microwave Use." More "fun with microwave oven" potential than I had anticipated with item-level tagging.)

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