Homeland Stores' Mobile Payment App Generates Revenue

By Shad Bookout

Edmond, Okla.-based Homeland Stores' new mobile payment service, launched in June, has generated $55,000 in revenue and 1,500 downloads.

The employee-owned chain of 78 stores partnered with DoubleBeam, a cloud-based mobile wallet system, to pilot the Swift Scan app, which allows shoppers to view specials, build their grocery lists, and pay for groceries via their smartphones. Homeland Stores plans to add another 26 stores to the 20-store pilot program by the end of October.

To incentivize using the new mobile payments system, Homeland Stores is offering a 20-cent-per-gallon discount on participating Homeland or Shell gas stations when shoppers purchase at least $25 worth of groceries via the app.

"Not only are we trying to make it easier on the customer by providing them with an application that combines many of their pre-shopping rituals and their in-lane activities, such as making shopping lists before going to the store or scanning their loyalty cards at checkout, but we are also offering them the extra benefit of bonus fuel rewards and in turn extra savings at the pump," Philip Payment, Homeland Stores' vice president of marketing and merchandising, told Mobile Commerce Daily.

Once consumers download the app, they can take a picture of a check and a photo ID to activate the payments option. Then, in stores, shoppers can scan a QR code at the register to pay for groceries.

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