Holiday Shopping Season Prep Is Imminent, Cruel Vendor Reminds Us

Just what retail IT execs need in the middle of a July heatwave: reminders that the holiday shopping season is waiting around the corner, like a heavily-armed drunk street gang. (Sorry. Heat waves in New Jersey have a way of souring a guy.)

What brings up this merry thought is a statement from Keynote Systems, the Web performance tracking people. Torturously reminding everyone that Black Friday is only 130 days away, Keynote said it was doubling the capacity of its main load testing service, LoadPro. They've added three new cities for testing: Seattle, Denver and Miami, for a total of ten locations across five Tier-1 backbones, as well as increasing network bandwidth capacity by almost 60 percent. What Keynote is doing is fine and necessary, but did they have to spoil a perfectly good summer and announce it now?

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