The Holiday E-Commerce Slowpokes And Speedsters Detailed

Major e-tailers this holiday season kept their customers happy for the most part, according to a report issued Thursday by the Gomez Retail Benchmark.

But there were still some order process response time laggards including the Gap (35.09 sec.) and OfficeMax (20.73 sec.), who were quite slow compared with J.C. Penney (6.23 sec.), CircuitCity (7.27 sec.) and Dell (7.75 sec.). The benchmark average for response time was 13.97 seconds.

On availability, the laggards were Williams-Sonoma (88.83 percent), HP (92.57 percent) and QVC (93.82 percent) and the most available sites were Target (99.86 percent), CDW (99.75 percent) and Apple (99.68 percent). The benchmark average for availability was 97.59 percent.