Holiday Desktop Sales Soar; M-Commerce is the Future

While desktop computer purchases accounted for the majority of e-commerce purchases this holiday season, the growth of m-commerce during the season was undeniable. In fact, annual m-commerce sales are expected to reach $707 billion by 2018, representing 30 percent of all e-commerce, according to a new report. The projected growth of the market is not surprising to those of us following m-commerce's developments in the past year alone. The report from Juniper Research also finds that leading retailers are increasingly developing strategies built around mobile, using it as a hub to facilitate payments, allow customers to learn about products, and for customer retention. "As a result, the size and scale of purchases across both smartphones and tablets is increasing strongly," according to Chain Store Age. Meanwhile, U.S. consumers spent at least $46.5 billion on e-commerce from desktop computers this holiday season, a jump of 10.1 percent from $42.3 billion last year, according to new research from comScore. M-commerce sales are expected to add around two percentage points to the total growth rate, according to comScore. "Achieving a double-digit growth rate while significantly outperforming the growth of brick-and-mortar retail by a factor of at least two is noteworthy, particularly considering the inherent challenges in this unusual holiday season," comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni told Internet Retailer. Meanwhile, the Juniper Research report found that more consumers are browsing for products on their smartphones, and then making purchase via tablets. By the end of 2013, global per month retail spend on tablets had eclipsed that on handsets, Chain Store Age reported. To really profit from m-commerce, retailers need to better incorporate "showrooming" in which consumers review products in-store while simultaneously browsing on their mobile devices to compare prices online, according to the report. "Retailers need to adapt their strategies to incorporate this activity, by deploying tablets equipped with mobile point-of-sale capability throughout the store, while also introducing a price match option," Chain Store Age reported. For more, see: This Chain Store Age article This Internet Retailer article