Hispanics have higher rates of mobile engagement at retail

Hispanic consumers are among the heaviest users of mobile technology across a variety of activities including mobile shopping, payments and coupon use.

The reasons for this are quite practical, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers titled "Mi Móvil: Hispanic Consumers Embrace Mobile Technology." As a group, Hispanics are more mobile and overall find mobile devices a more cost effective way to access the Internet.

And when it comes to retail-related activities, Hispanics are almost twice as likely as non-Hispanics to download coupons, utilize mobile payments when in stores, use apps for customer service issues and participate in loyalty programs.

Mobile wallet adoption rates may be slow among the general U.S. population, but Hispanics are utilizing PayPal and other pre-paid mobile payment programs in greater numbers. They are using apps to store loyalty cards on their smartphones and redeeming coupons from sites like Living Social and Groupon at much higher rates than non-Hispanic shoppers.

Twenty-five percent of Hispanics said they would use mobile coupons compared to 17 percent of non-Hispanics; 24 percent are paying for goods or services with payment information stored on mobile devices compared to 13 percent of non-Hispanics; and 19 percent are using mobile devices to manage loyalty cards versus just 13 percent of non-Hispanics.
Notably, both mobile phones and tablets have roughly the same penetration rates among Hispanic and non-Hispanic shoppers, but Hispanic customers over-index in these key retail-related activities.

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-See this PricewaterhouseCoopers study (download)

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