High-income shoppers like warehouse brands

As many as 44 percent of U.S. shoppers with a household income of more than $150,000 believe the quality of store brand products at warehouse clubs are just as good as name brands.

In contrast, only 27 percent of shoppers who earn less than $25,000 a year feel the same way, according to a study from Mintel.

Higher income shoppers are more likely to visit a wider variety of retail stores, which makes them price savvy. "They also are more likely to be able to afford the shopping trip compared to those with lower incomes," said Ali Lipson, category manager, retail, apparel, technology and automotive for Mintel. "Product messaging and signage that highlight the quality of warehouse club products [are] sure to resonate with this demographic."

As many as 63 percent of U.S. shoppers visited a warehouse brick-and-mortar in the past six months; however, only 25 percent make a purchase from the same types of stores online.

Shoppers enjoy browsing the warehouse shelves and 36 percent like to find unique items. For female shoppers over the age of 55, that figure increases to 45 percent. It seems almost half of the shoppers see no problem paying club membership to be able to browse and buy at warehouse stores.

Catering to a higher-end clientele, warehouse stores are expanding their retail services. Last month, Sam's Club launched its travel services, a savings-centered online booking service for members with business and leisure travel needs.

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