Harry & David Defends SAP

Gourmet food retailer Harry & David has thrown its apple boxes behind SAP.

The multi-channel chain?with about 130 stores in 34 U.S. states?signed off on a media statement that not only said nice things about SAP, but it took the unusual move of specifically saying that it chose SAP over Oracle. Although such a choice is not unusual, it's quite rare for a retailer to sign off on a news release that has the name of a vendor that they did not choose.

Harry & David CIO Joe Foley issued a statement pointing to seasonal scalability as the key reason they made the move.

"We are poised for tremendous growth, both as a direct retailer and as a wholesaler to numerous retail outlets," Foley said. "The seasonality of our business demands a platform that can rapidly scale and meet our ever-changing needs. Only SAP's fully integrated business model can provide us with a single operating platform that will take costs out of our infrastructure and give us a solid basis for growth."