Harrods Is Preparing To Make Overdue Changes

The 164-year-old British chain Harrods, often seen as synonymous with high-end retail, is pondering some radical changes to blend in with the times. The store's current dress code—yes, it has a dress code—bans "flip-flops, Bermuda shorts and unkempt clothing," according to a Bloomberg story. And it's seen as a place for tourists, not locals, which is never a good thing for any retailer. "Its owners want to lure back Britons who've been dazzled by the bright lights of Selfridges and other more modern-feeling shops, so they have quadrupled investment, culled mid-priced brands and are refurbishing the 4.5-acre, seven-floor store to clear space for Stella McCartney and Fendi SpA fashions." Story