Harris Teeter Asks Customers Which Wine To Put On Special

In one of those social-media experiments that should work fine the first time but could quickly become prone to disaster, grocery chain Harris Teeter asked its Facebook fans last Thursday (Aug. 15) which of two wines it should put on loyalty-card special the next day for $6.97: a malbec from Alamos or one from Cupcake. The quick-hit survey pulled in more than 100 votes, and had the advantage of being too quick for anyone to organize a lobbying campaign for one wine or the other. (At least we're working from that assumption, since there weren't thousands of comments that would indicate obvious ballot-box stuffing.) In the end, Cupcake Malbec got the nod, although it wasn't announced on Harris Teeter's Facebook page. We're guessing the retailer hopes anyone who really wants to know the winner will go to a store to find out. Story