Is Hannaford Unique Or The Start Of A New Breach Trend?

Was the Hannaford data breach isolated or was it part of a sweep of similar penetrations? A Vermont ski resort is reporting an almost identical breach of card information in transit in February and an official there was told by law enforcement "that they currently are looking into about 50 reported incidents of the same sort in the Northeast alone."

Those new details--courtesy of a Computerworld story--suggest that this might soon become the norm. The Okemo Mountain Resort ski area in Vermont announced this week that data from more than 46,000 credit and debit card transactions may have been compromised during a system intrusion over a 16-day period in February. "We can tell you that this was a real-time theft," said Okemo spokeswoman Bonnie MacPherson. "The information was being taken as the cards were being swiped."