Handcuffed Man Breaks Away From Police, Goes To Home Depot For Bolt Cutters

A man arrested by police on Sunday (May 7) for assault and burglary in Pensacola, Fla., escaped from custody, while still wearing his handcuffs. His destination? The nearest Home Depot, where he went to get a bolt-cutter to de-handcuff himself. We're guessing he heard that Home Depot was a do-it-yourself store. If he was more brazen, he should have stormed over to customer service, complained that the handcuffs he purchased from homedepot.com don't work—as they won't unfasten—and insisted they remove the cuffs right away. By the way, homedepot.com might want to check its search engine specs. Although the site does not sell handcuffs, a site search for handcuffs does return something. (Well, it has hands and cuffs, so maybe the search engine has a point.)

Speaking of strange retail stories, this one from satire site The Onion is really worth watching. It's about a crime scene at Wal-Mart, with everyone—including Wal-Mart PR people—stressing that they don't ever shop there.