Google Local Availability Shows U.S. Weakness

When it comes to global downtime, Google doesn't seem to play favorites. Among 32 key countries Google plays in locally, its home country of the U.S. came in near the bottom, in position 26 of 32 with 31 minutes of downtime, according to Web performance survey results released Thursday by Pingdom.

"Google Search users in the United States are 10 times more likely to encounter a problem than users in Brazil," said the report. Brazil did indeed fare well, sustaining only three minutes of downtime from Sept. 1, 2006, to Sept. 1, 2007.Rounding out the top five localized Googles sites were Netherlands (11 min. downtime), India (12 min.), Thailand (13 min.) and Japan (15 min.).

The five worst sites: Israel (34 min.), Turkey (40 min.), Singapore (46 min.), Taiwan (46 min.) and Sweden (48 min.). "Even though this survey contains some surprising results, none of the monitored websites
passed below 99.99% uptime, which has to be considered extremely good, even for a company with the resources of Google," the report said.