Google Glass adds 'Nod to Pay'

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Glass is taking mobile payments to a whole new level with a "Nod To Pay" feature that lets users actually nod to confirm payment from their mobile wallet.

The feature is enabled by Eaze's app which works with an existing virtual wallet and currently supports Coinbase and Blockchain. But it allows payments only in the controversial virtual currency, bitcoin.

Eaze plans to extend support to additional platforms and currencies including dollars and euros, but when the app launches Friday, May 23 options will be limited to only those merchants that accept bitcoin.

Here's how it works: After registering on the Eaze website, users download the Glass app and connect a Blockchain or Coinbase wallet to their Eaze account. The wallet accounts are synced to Glass by scanning a QR code, making the wallet available through Glass.

Purchases are initiated with the "Ok Glass, make a payment" voice command. The Glass then scans a QR code and the shopper nods twice to confirm payment and initiate a bitcoin transfer. There are plans to extend the technology to other operating systems including Android, Android Wear, iOS and Nymi, according to the company.

There are, of course, security concerns. If the Glass is lost or stolen, anyone can make a payment until the user has revoked the device from accessing the account. In the future, Eaze plans to allow users to manually set a PIN-protected spending limit.
Nod to pay sounds fun and flashy, but this is a beta test of a payment system created for a product that is still in beta that can only be used with a virtual currency. It's all quite vaporous, and intriguing.

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