Google Express head leaves for Uber

The head of Google Express, Tom Fallows, will reportedly leave the tech giant for a position with Uber.

Fallows joined Google in the acquisition of his business Mercantila, and his co-founder for that venture left Google earlier this year. The nature of his position with Uber hasn't been revealed.

"It's been awesome to help this team build Google Express from just a concept to a national service with paying members and dozens of merchant partners," Fallows said in a statement provided by Google. "Even though the next stage of my career takes me outside Google, I'm really excited to watch Google Express continue to thrive and expand."

Fallows was the leader of Google's same-day shipping service in more than name, pitching the idea and taking charge of its sizable budget. The program has since become a key part of Google's attempts to compete with Amazon, particularly its Prime offerings, and prove to advertisers that users act on the marketing they can provide.

While Uber has dabbled in delivery services itself, the move indicates the car service has plans to significantly expand those efforts. Story