Good News For Fingerprint Fans .... Maybe

Retailers experimenting with fingerprint identify verification have seen ample anecdotal and survey evidence suggesting consumer resistance to the idea. A new survey from Harris Interactive (funded by Diebold, a vendor with a strong interest in the results) announced Tuesday has a hint of good news for fingerprint fans, with 72 percent of 2,000 consumer respondents last month saying that fingerprint-scanning ATMs would give them "a positive or very positive feeling toward their bank."

There are, however, reasons to be suspicious of such data. First, beyond the vendor-involvement in the research, the company's statement said the 72 percent was for all biometrics. The wording of the question did indeed ask about biometrics, but the question only offered one example and that example was fingerprinting. If the consumer didn't know what biometrics meant--and not that many do--they would likely answer it solely relating to fingerprints (as opposed to facial recognition, retina scan, voiceprint, etc.).

That all said, it's an unusual survey that shows such a strong consumer preference for fingerprint scans. Might be a trend worth watching.