Gonzalez Psych Report Tells Of 12-Year-Old Sex and Doing 5,000 Pushups

Among the thousands of pages of filings surrounding the case of Cyberthief To The SKUs Albert Gonzalez, this week's filings included some of the stranger new details. As for unexpected, consider the report from government psychiatrist Mark Mills, who interviewed Gonzalez for about 8 hours at a federal prison in Rhode Island.

Trying to establish that he's social—and should therefore not get a reduced sentence because of severe computer addiction and Asperger's Disorder—the man considered to be a hacker's hacker was reported to have "had sexual relations with women at ages 12 and 14 and was able to hook up, largely at will, thereafter." If we take that claim as true and literal (defining "women" as females who are at least 18 years old), isn't that a statutory rape case?

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Gonzalez also, according to the psychiatrist's report, had a bad case of timing. He needed his girlfriend's help with some matters in the case, but when he was arrested, he was with another woman. You'd think the Secret Service would have had the tact to be a bit more discreet. Who he was with during the arrest seems irrelevant. If the Secret Service doesn't understand the idea of a secret, who would?

"Mr. Gonzalez described his somewhat stormy relationship with his girlfriend, Jenny," the psychiatrist wrote. "He acknowledged that he had often treated her in a less than ideally supportive fashion, but that he really loved her and was profoundly appreciative for how she had reached out to him and his parents even after his arrest, when he was in the company of another woman."

Another bizarre note: the psychiatrist—without comment—quoted Gonzalez about how fit he appeared. "At one point, [Gonzalez] explained that he could no longer do the 5,000 pushups he once did regularly and probably could do only 600." Hold on a second. Didn't the good doctor detect even a faint whiff of BS? Presumably, the claim meant "in one continuous session" or it doesn't mean much.

The Guinness world record for pushups in an hour is 3,877; it was set in Indonesia in 1988. The Guinness world record for the most non-stop pushups is 10,507 and it was set in Japan in 1980. Are we being asked to believe that our master programmer "regularly" whipped off 5,000 pushups? Doesn't seem to leave much time for hacking into more than a dozen major retail chains or, for that matter, hooking up largely at will.