Getting ROI From PCI Security: Can It Be Done?

One of the most frustrating truths in retail security is that, by definition, it has no meaningful return on investment—at least not in the sense that CFOs and board members view ROI. There's no chance at improving revenue or profit; at best, it's risk avoidance. Even that's dicey. If security is in place, how do you really know that you would have been breached otherwise?

One way to squeeze out ROI: Flip an unsexy security expense like PCI by upgrading to a POS system that also moves lines faster or displays ads while customers are waiting. Or what about training cashiers to encourage debit-card users to key in their PIN—thus improving security and reducing the cost of card transactions at the same time? We explore these and other ideas in the latest StorefrontBacktalk podcast on security. To listen to the podcast, please click here.