Getting Franchisees To Buy Into Security: It's All In The Explanation

How does a CIO convince franchisee owners to fall in line when it comes to payment card data security? In the past, IT security at the franchisee level wasn't something that CIOs really cared about. Today, more cards are being accepted and a wider variety of payment methods are being introduced at the store level—at the same time card data breaches are happening more frequently at the store level. But CIOs can't force franchisees to adhere to security rules, especially when that will cost franchisees money.

So what can a CIO do to get franchisees to follow the rules? "Work with the franchisees," suggests Malik Velani of payments vendor S1. "Show them the importance of data security. From a training perspective, tell them what it would take—and tell them the disadvantages of not following the recommendations." Velani has more suggestions in the latest StorefrontBacktalk podcast on payment security. To listen to the podcast, please click here.