GameStop creates publishing group

GameStop (NYSE:GME) is deepening its ties to video gamers with the creation of a new division within the company: GameTrust.

GameTrust will publish video games and help distribute and market them to consumers, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The retailer has lined up games from four established developers, who will retain creative control of the products. The plan is to produce work from smaller independent labels and not directly take on the larger titles already available.

"Unlike a traditional video game publisher, GameTrust is not part of the creative process," said the company in an emailed statement. "Instead, it is focusing on discovering creative and fun games from innovative independent developers that can benefit from GameStop's expertise and retail channels to support marketing and connecting their games with a broader global audience.

In January, GameStop announced it would release "Song of the Deep" from Insomniac this summer as an exclusive partner in the launch. It was precursor to becoming a publisher.

"We will continue to pursue new and exciting business opportunities that will grow our global video game business," GameStop VP of Internal Development and Diversification Mark Stanley told CNET. "That said, we believe the independent games category is growing dramatically, and represents a great opportunity for GameStop to provide gamers exclusive and exciting new content."

The program will extend GameStop's relationship with its customers both in stores and online, where creating and distributing original content is growing, thanks in part to Amazon and its Prime streaming services.

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