Former Amazon Exec Tries Creating A True Online-Offline Hybrid Physical Store

A former Amazon supply-chain VP has taken some of the millions she made from the e-tail leader and is experimenting with a new kind of retail physical store, called Hointer. The stores will have almost no sales associates and prices will change dynamically to be much more in line with e-commerce pricing. As The Wall Street Journal describes it: "The store won't look like many other clothing outlets. Hointer, which today sells primarily men's jeans, eschews stacks of merchandise for hanging metal racks displaying a lone sample of each pair of pants in different cuts and colors. Using a Hointer mobile phone app for iPhones and Android devices, customers scan tags on the pants and select their size. The jeans are whisked behind the scenes by machines from the storeroom to a fitting room within about 30 seconds. Shoppers check out via tablet computers installed in dressing rooms for quick purchasing. (The mobile app can charge people automatically to prevent theft.) The stores loan smartphones to those who don't have them." Story