For Once, Some Good 1-Click News: Apple, PayPal And Victoria's Secret Won't Have To Pay Twice

Amazon is once again the only company you have to hate over 1-Click. A one-click patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, PayPal and Victoria's Secret has been dismissed, marking the end of an Amazon competitor's effort to collect royalties from E-tailers who had already licensed Amazon's 1-Click patent. The dismissal came after a federal appeals court ruled on September 23 in a separate case that the patent held by Cordance—the Amazon competitor for one-click royalties—was invalid. (A jury came to that conclusion in a 2009 trial, but the judge overruled that verdict. The appeals court last month decided the jury was right the first time.)

It's hard to cheer for another Amazon 1-Click court victory—1-Click has been the favorite patent to hate among E-tailers for more than a decade (although in-store, patent lawsuits over debit and gift-card processing make a strong showing). But at least there's some good news for retailers this time: For now, you'll only have to pay for 1-Click once.