Foot Locker's Mobile Redesign Slows Site To A Web Crawl

If a mobile site redesign's job is to make a site look better and to deliver more sophisticated functionality, then the mobile site changes at Foot Locker (NYSE:FL) delivered. But if the goal is not to slow things to a Web crawl, it apparently failed. Such is the assessment of mobile performance firm Keynote, which evaluates retail mobile performance every month.

After the redesign, Foot Locker site availability plunged from 100 percent to 93.42 percent, Keynote found, according to Internet Retailer. That's the difference between being ranked as the faster retail site late last year and performing dead last on the publication's 30-retailer index at the end of April. Its 10-second October 2012 home page load time had slowed to 17.42 seconds in April.

"The newly designed site has double the number of page objects and triple the amount of kilobytes," said Herman Ng, mobile performance evangelist at Keynote. "Another factor that appears to be slowing down its mobile home page is that it now has multiple objects coming from third-party domains, and some of them have a much slower average load time compared with page objects hosted on the Foot Locker domain."

"We also noticed Foot Locker's site availability, also known as success rate, fluctuated the most out of all the retailer sites on the Keynote index," Ng said. "This means there could be back-end stability issues. Another common reason could be that they didn't provide a maintenance message to end users when their site was undergoing routine scheduled maintenance."

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