Finders Keepers: Retailer Sees Marketing Opportunity

When an El Pollo Loco store manager in California saw parking lot security footage showing a customer losing an envelope with $2,200 in cash in it—and then someone else walking away with it—it identified a potentially really good marketing opportunity. The store decided to give the customer the $2,200, even though the restaurant hadn't been involved in its loss. Surveillance footage shows that the cash fell out of the customer's pocket when he stepped out of his truck, and the money was quickly scooped up by a greedy bystander who proceeded to go into the restaurant and wait in line directly behind the unsuspecting victim. "At El Pollo Loco, the guests come first. It was unfortunate the cash was not returned to [the customer], but we were more than happy to help him out by giving him the money that was lost and, of course, a meal on us." Story