Facebook Moves to Become Bigger Promoter of Mobile Apps

Facebook has taken the next step in becoming a marketing superpower in the world of mobile apps. The social media powerhouse is now allowing app developers the ability to advertise new apps via videos embedded into Facebook's news feed. The feature allows Facebook users to view a video about the app prior to downloading it.

When consumers are interested in the app, they can simply click and be directed to the iTunes App store or Android's Google Play store.  For now, the advertising is limited to apps, but with Facebook's global reach of over 1 billion users, it should not be long before other types of products will be joining in.

"Video creative has proven to be an effective way to drive engagement in the News Feed, and we look forward to helping developers use their video creative to find new app installs," Facebook explained in a post on its Developers Blog.

DoubleDown Casino, a free gaming app, had huge success with Facebook's video ad feature in its beta test with the social media site. Using video in mobile app ads increased DoubleDown's install rates and decreased its cost per install, John Clelland, vice president of interactive marketing for DoubleDown Casino, told Internet Retailer.

The best part for developers is the fact that Facebook is being sensitive to the budget constraints put on advertising. Facebook is using a Cost Per Action (CPA) pricing model so developers pay only when the click-through results in a download.

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