Experian: Half Of Stores Will Launch For Holidays Before Halloween

Forget Christmas in July. According to a new Experian Marketing Services survey, many retailers began planning their holiday promotions even earlier than that this year. Not only that, almost exactly half of them plan to start implementing those plans before Halloween.

The study polled over 200 marketers and found that 49 percent of them weren't waiting for the first 15 days of November, which is normally the most popular time for launching seasonal plans.

"Retailers have been extending the shopping seasons with promotions, post-recession, so it's not surprising to see that nearly half of all marketers stated they would launch a holiday campaign before Halloween," Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Experian, said in a statement.

As many as 18 percent of those polled said they started making plans in June, and a total of 69 percent had started laying out their strategy by August.

Experian also found that mobile and search didn't rank highly on marketers' lists of priorities when it came to marketing channels, even though mobile will figure highly for many of them when it comes to general holiday tactics. Making sure their websites are mobile-optimized was important to 43 percent, while mobile-optimized email was a priority for 73 percent and mobile advertising for 31 percent.

"This year's back-to-school season started in early July as a big promotional month versus last year," Tancer explained. "Our consumer confidence data shows it as the highest it's been since the recession, so we expect the early promotion trend to carry over into the holiday season, with Black Friday deals being offered even earlier than last year."

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